Cycle by myob

It has been 11 years since the brand made its debut in New York.
From AW20 collection, Cycle by myob announces Comi takes initiative and designs all the pieces as a head designer, based upon her contemporary vision that add more enhanced and sophisticated feeling to its brand.

Cycle by myob’s design embodies as much ethos of creativity and edgy facets as the brand’s signature the brand has made.
Cycle by myob presents styles using recycled fiber, totally cruelty-free leather and eco-friendly materials and vegetable dyeing, hand made indigo dyeing more focus on sustainability.
Now environmental issue is controversial but most of us don’t know what to do.
Cycle collection brings “ethical” to street unisex fashion, through this, M.Y.O.B is targeted to inspire and encourage new generation to act respective roles on the planet.  Comi will continuously bring new perspective to Cycle by myob.

Producing clothes by reusing used clothing thermals.
And use “eco pet”fabric (made from pet bottles) And  I attached solar panels made in South Africa by “Fair Trade” to my clothes. 
This solar panel is a solar lantern. 
It is a name called Sonnengrass. 
After attaching to clothes and storing electricity with the sunshine, attach to a lantern and enjoy gentle light. 
I want to tell people about the wonders of natural light generation and fair trade.

2020 FALL / WINTER COLLECTION から体制を変え、デザイナーのCOMIがMYOBをリスタートさせた
再生生地 太陽光発電 フェアトレード 環境汚染 人との繋がり それらは常にCycleし続け現在の地球を造っている