2021 Autumn Winter by Kristina Tuzova

photograph by kristina tuzova



【 Kristina Tuzova 】

それは、私たち全員がどのようにつながっているのか、そして私たち全員が同時にどのように異なっているのかを考えさせてくれます。 それはとてもシンプルですが、それでも私にとっては美しいです。

I’m an artist from Saint Petersburg currently based in Tokyo.
I started to make sketches when i was in school.
I remember that it was very natural for me to start to draw in my notebook.
Since then i always have a sketchbook in my bag in case i want to make something.
Right now i do not only small drawings but i’m also experimenting with oil paintings and digital art.
Usually i prefer to draw creatures or anything alive as friends, animals, plants, souls and etc.
Right now i’m on the stage where i’m inspired by fragility and sophistication combined with irony and shame.
To show my works to other people was always a very private moment for me, i love to do that, it feels like a small conversation because sometimes people can relate with something they see.
It makes me think about how all of us are connected with each other and how we all are different from each other at the same time and it’s very simple but still beautiful for me.