Shipping policy

Delivery area

Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Croatia, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Vatican City , Finland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Luxemble, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, People's Republic of China Macau Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Taiwan, South Korea


Shipping fee

  • In Japan, flat rate 800 yen (tax included)
  • Shipping within Japan is free of charge for orders over 10,000 yen.
  • Overseas shipping flat rate 3,500 yen


delivery company

Sagawa Express (Delivery in Japan), Fedex (Delivery overseas)


About shipping products

We usually ship within 3-5 business days of receiving your order. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and the year-end and New Year holidays)
Please note that we do not accept delivery date and time.


About shipping products

It will be shipped for each order. If you place an order in multiple batches, we will not be able to ship them all at once. note that.