‘’Earth Energy’’

"Earth Energy"

Starting the image from the common point of chakra and cycle, various cultures are mixed,
We propose a futuristic neo-hippie style.

An organic color palette that feels the earth, and a group of basic items that are easier to wear.
A street mind that spices up the open mood.

And we used a lot of sustainable materials that we adopted more aggressively than the previous season.
A new era wardrobe for the Mother Earth, the source of everything.

The series that digitally prints a pattern with a hippie mood on recycled polyester,
and the CYCLE CUT OUT series, which is also the signature of the brand,
incorporates eco-friendly materials and can also be equipped with Sonnenglass solar.

The brand's first bag can also be equipped with Sonnenglass solar,
making it possible to charge the sun more daily.
At first glance, items with a strong street color that have nothing to do with eco are conscious of the sustainable concept,
creating a new balance of eco = street.

This collection contains the message that we want you to feel our sustainable ideas in a more relaxed mood.